Where To Get Gingerbread Clipart

You might be looking for gingerbread clipart to make holiday invitations or other decorations, or maybe to create Print-On-Demand products or other things to sell.

There are a lot of sources for clipart these days, some free, some paid, and if you’re going to be using it for commercial products you need to make sure you can get the right commercial license for your needs.

I’ve rounded up some sources for gingerbread-themed clipart that you can use for personal products, and some that come with commercial licenses so you can use them on products to sell.

gingerbread clipart source guide

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Gingerbread clipart with commercial licenses.

If you’re looking for clipart of gingerbread houses or gingerbread cookies that you can use on products that you sell, you’ll need to make sure that they come with a commercial license that covers the thing that you want to make.

Some commercial licenses don’t let you use the designs on POD products, and some don’t let you use the clipart after you stop your subscription to the service if that’s how they’re set up.

Other licenses let you make up to a certain number of items with the design on them before you have to purchase an extended license,

Make sure that the license you buy comes with the right kind of terms!

Also remember that if you want to sell something on Etsy, you have to combine clipart elements together to make a unique image that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you take an existing piece of artwork and put it on a product without any changes, that’s not allowed on Etsy, so be aware of that.

BE CAREFUL to make sure that you’re actually reading the license for each individual piece of clipart if you want to use it on something that you’re going to be selling.

It’s pretty common that people will steal other people’s digital art and sell it on these sites, so if you see an artist on one of these sites who has a lot of different types of art styles, watch out.

Even if you buy something that comes with a commercial license, that license won’t be worth anything if the original artwork was stolen from someone else!

Making your own artwork from scratch without copying someone else is always safest!

etsy screenshot

Etsy for gingerbread clipart.

Etsy is an excellent place to buy clipart that has commercial licenses, because a lot of digital artists list their designs there.

Each Etsy shop will have different rules about how the license works, so make sure that you check before you buy!

Click here to see gingerbread clipart on Etsy.Opens in a new tab.

Creative Fabrica screenshot

Creative Fabrica for gingerbread clipart.

Creative Fabrica is a site where a lot of people get clipart and other graphic elements to use in their artwork or digital products.

The licensing on Creative Fabrica is usually commercial and allows POD use, but you’ll need to check every item individually.

There’s so much on this site, though, you won’t come away empty-handed.

You can buy clipart individually or pay for a membership, and you can also sign up for their emails to receive free digital elements.

Click here to go to Creative Fabrica.Opens in a new tab.

Pixabay for gingerbread clipart.

Pixabay is another site that has graphic elements like clipart and photos, and most of them are free to use for commercial purposes.

Check the terms on each image, but it’s a good source for stock photos and images.

Click here for gingerbread clipart on Pixabay.Opens in a new tab.

Design Bundles for gingerbread clipart.

Design Bundles is a site where you can buy clipart that has commercial licenses.

You can buy things individually and purchase an upgraded license to use the designs in more ways.

Click here for Design Bundles gingerbread clipart.Opens in a new tab.

Creative Market for gingerbread clipart.

Creative Market is another site where designers list their clipart and other digital elements.

Like the others, independent artists can list their work here, and they offer licenses that cover a lot of terms of use.

Click here for Creative Market gingerbread clipart.Opens in a new tab.

Shutterstock for gingerbread clipart.

Shutterstock is a site that has a lot of stock photos, but they also have clipart.

It’s a little more expensive than other services, but you can usually get some free images when you sign up.

Click here to go to Shutterstock.Opens in a new tab.

Teachers Pay Teachers for gingerbread clipart.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a site where teachers can sell their classroom resources to other teachers and make a little extra money in the process.

You don’t have to be a teacher to sell on the platform, but most of the digital items on this site would be appropriate for classroom use.

Go to Teachers Pay Teachers.Opens in a new tab.

pixabay screenshot

Free gingerbread clipart.

If you’re only using the clipart for personal projects and won’t be selling it or using it on a website where money is involved at all, there are a lot of sources for free clipart online.

You can use any of the sources that I listed above to buy clipart for personal projects, but you can also go to these sources for free clipart:

Remember that just because something is online or shows up in Google images, it doesn’t mean that you can use the image for commercial purposes.

If it’s for personal use it’s probably fine, but as someone who has a handmade business, I encourage people to support independent artists and pay the small fee that people are charging for their work.

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Kara is a former wedding cake decorator who has won numerous awards for her cake designs and gingerbread houses. She currently owns a cake decorating supply business at acaketoremember.com

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