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Dollhouse wallpaper is a nice finishing touch that adds a touch of realism, and can also match a time period in your house design. Printing your own wallpaper is a quick way to add some color or a pattern to your doll’s house walls,

You can also make your own dollhouse wallpaper designs, and that’s a good way to match a very specific color scheme or design theme if you can’t find wallpaper that you like pre-made.

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Printable dollhouse wallpaper with a continuous pattern.
Printable dollhouse wallpaper with a continuous pattern.

What is a continuous pattern?

The first thing to look for if you’re buying miniature wallpaper is whether it has a continuous design or not.

A continuous design is a pattern that matches up on the edges. When you put two pieces of the printed pattern together there won’t be a seam because the edges will match up and the pattern will continue from one sheet to the next one.

Not every piece of paper or digital paper that you can print is a continuous pattern, so you might not be able to line everything up perfectly so that there aren’t any seams that you can see.

That’s fine if you can hide the seams at the corner of a room, but you should try to avoid creating a seam in the middle of the room because that will be pretty noticeable.

You’ll probably still be able to line two sheets of printable wallpaper up if it’s not a continuous pattern, but you’ll have to trim the pieces so that they line up without a noticeable seam. That will work but it will waste a little of the paper.

The easiest thing is to make sure that the printable paper you’re getting is a continuous pattern, but if you find one that you really like you can still use it whether it is or not.

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What kind of paper should you use to print dollhouse wallpaper?

When you print out dollhouse wallpaper, you need to think about how you’re going to attach it to the walls.

liquid adhesives
Choose your adhesive based on the type of paper that you print on.

If you’re using any kind of glue or adhesive that’s wet, you need to think about whether the paper you’re printing on will absorb that moisture, because that can make the paper warp and develop wrinkles.

If you’re going to do that you’ll need some type of thicker paper to print on, but if you plan on using double-sided tape, you can get away with thinner paper.

This article has some ideas about 11 things that you can use for dollhouse wallpaper, and they’ll all work with different types of adhesives.

Some things that you can print on:

Regular printer paper: This is the easiest option, but you’ll also need to make sure that the digital paper that you’re printing is sized to print on the paper you’re using. If you bought something that’s designed as a 12″x12″ page, it won’t print that way if the paper is letter-sized.

You should also think about how you’ll attach the paper to the dollhouse walls because regular printer paper will wrinkle if it gets wet from glue.

Heavy printer paper: This might be a better bet than regular paper because it’s sturdier, but it will still have the size issues that I mentioned above, and you should probably still avoid glue-type adhesives. Double-sided tape will work to attach this kind of paper.

Photo paper: Photo paper would work better with a glue-type adhesive, because it’s more rigid so it could resist the moisture better. However, it’s still not waterproof, so be careful with that!

A spray adhesive might work well, depending on what kind of walls are in your dollhouse.

Matte photo paper will have a surface that’s not shiny, and glossy photo paper will be shiny, which might not be a look that you want.

Cardstock: Cardstock is a good choice for printed dollhouse wallpaper because you can get it in different sizes and different weights.

Depending on what size your printer is, you might be able to print a 12″x12″ piece of cardstock if that’s the size that fits your pattern.

Depending on what kind of paper you choose, the print that you get will be different, so you might want to experiment with different kinds of paper to see which one you like the look of best.

Pink waterlily dollhouse wallpaper

Check the templates and printables section of this blog to see the dollhouse wallpaper that I have available for free (personal use only.)

Some of the patterns include:

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that will pay a small commission if they’re used to purchase something.

Where to get printable dollhouse wallpaper.

You can find digital paper that you can use for dollhouse wallpaper in a bunch of places online. There are a lot of websites that offer free downloads of miniature templates and wallpapers, so you can start by searching for some of those.

I have the vintage pattern above available to download in this article about starting a dollhouse makeover.

You can also find digital paper and dollhouse wallpaper on EtsyOpens in a new tab. and other websites that sell graphics like Creative Fabrica.Opens in a new tab.

Make sure that you understand how the licenses that come with the printables work if you want to sell any of the dollhouses that you’re making.

Most people will let you print the patterns then sell the finished product, but you won’t be able to sell the digital file itself, so you should check for each individual one that you buy.

You can also find a lot of printable dollhouse wallpaper on Pinterest. Click here to see: Printable dollhouse wallpaper.Opens in a new tab.

removable dollhouse wallpaper
Dollhouse wallpaper printed on regular printer paper.

Designing your own printable dollhouse wallpaper.

If you want to design your own dollhouse wallpaper to print that’s definitely something that you can learn to do.

You can use graphics editing software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Canva to create your own wallpaper with continuous patterns if you want to go the digital route.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube that show how to make a continuous pattern using the Adobe products, so you can definitely find tutorials to do that.

You can also keep it low-tech and just draw a design that you scan into a computer or copy using a copy machine and print out that way.

Remember that when you’re trying to design wallpaper, you have to keep the scale of the design in mind. Whatever scale your dollhouse is, that’s what you’ll have to use to make the wallpaper, too.

The good thing about wallpaper for a dollhouse is that the scale can be off a little without being really super noticeable.

As long as it looks like it fits, it will be fine. It’s not the same as furniture that can look too big or too small in relation to other things in the room.

Printing your own dollhouse wallpaper can be an economical way to decorate it, and if you design your own it can be really unique. Have fun, and remember that if you mess it up you can always remove it and print out some more to redo it!

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