Packaged Moss Wallpaper For A Gnome Dollhouse Room

As I’m redoing my dollhouse I’m using some weird stuff for wallpaper because each room is going to be themed differently.

One room is going to be a gnome house inside the dollhouse, and I decided to use some packaged moss that I got during my craft thrift store haul to make the “wallpaper.”

To use packaged moss as dollhouse wallpaper, you’ll need to attach it using a strong glue, and possibly a sealer. Because moss is an organic substance it can deteriorate over time, and it can also shed. By sealing the moss you can keep it from falling off the walls, and also prevent it from fading and drying out.

When I created the walls for this room I used the removable wall technique that I wrote about in this article (click to read) so that I could work on the walls easily.

Dollhouse gnome room 3D moss walls tutorial

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Making the removable walls.

building the removable walls for the gnome dollhouse room
Building the removable walls

The first step was to create the removable walls that I was going to attach the moss to.

This room had a lot of angles and a window at the back, and I thought that I’d leave the window covered.

I used mat board for this and duct-taped the walls together on the back.

fitting the removable walls for the gnome room
Making sure the walls fit.

After I put the walls together I slid it into the room to make sure that it fit correctly.

I took it back out and started gluing the moss on.

adding the moss to the walls in the gnome dollhouse room
Gluing the moss onto the walls.

To attach the moss to the walls I used hot glue to make the job faster. The moss was different thicknesses and it was very flaky.

I tried to keep large sections the same thickness so that there wouldn’t be a ton of odd patches. I tested it out to make sure it still fit inside the dollhouse even with the thicker walls.

The room was really dark , so I decided to go ahead and cut the window out, which was difficult with the moss on it, but I managed to do it.

packaged moss and flowers for the gnome house
Plastic flowers to add to the walls.

I then hot-glued some plastic flowers all over the walls to decorate them some more.

To see how the room turned out after I put the floor in, click to read this article: Adding Dollhouse Flooring To The Gnome House Room

Sealing the moss.

One thing I hadn’t counted on was that the moss had a mossy smell to it (naturally) and I seem to be allergic to moss!

So between the moss flaking off the wall and the smell, I had a feeling that I would need to seal it.

I went ahead and finished fitting it first, then I moved on to the sealing part.

Glue to seal the walls
Glue to seal the moss.

I used white glue diluted with water as the second step, but first I sprayed the moss with a clear spray sealer to kind of glue it into place and to keep it from flaking off.

After that, I coated the moss with the glue “paint” and let it dry outside in the air. The spray sealer smells terrible and you should do that outdoors so that you don’t gas yourself.

Using white glue and water is a good second layer because it will dry clear and doesn’t have a smell. It will also encapsulate the moss so that it doesn’t flake off.

sealing the moss
Sealing the moss.

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I thinned the glue out with water to about the consistency of heavy cream, then painted it on with a foam brush.

It took 16 ounces of glue to cover the whole thing because the moss was absorbing the glue as I was painting it.

By the time it dried it wasn’t solid, because the moss had absorbed the glue and was spongy. It wasn’t shedding, though, so I was able to put it back into the house.

moss room
The moss room.

This is the 3D organic dollhouse “wallpaper” for this room, and I’ll be adding more gnome elements to it soon.

I have a tiny gingerbread house that I sealed that I’ll be adding to it, and you can read about how I did that here: How to seal a gingerbread house.

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