How To Organize Your Dollhouse Makeover- Free Printable

I got a dollhouse and I’ve been slowly making it over, but I have too many ideas. I think that’s slowing me down, and when I go to the store I tend to buy things that aren’t going to work because I’m unorganized!

I decided to put a book together that I can use to design each room and keep details of things that I’ve bought so that I know what I already have as far as materials go.

I’ve added the pages here so that you can download them and print them out to use for your own binder, or to get an idea of how I did it so that you can do something similar that works for you.

dollhouse planning notebook page
Dollhouse planning notebook page.

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The pages in my dollhouse organization binder.

I have two very basic pages in the binder and I can print them back-to-back so that they can be opened like a two-page spread in a planner. If I want to add another page for more material samples, I can print an extra one and add that in after the first page.

Page 1

The first page has an area for me to write the dimensions of the room so that I can do a little diagram that helps me remember how big the room is, because I always mess that up. I’ll end up buying too much or not enough of something like I did yesterday when I bought one piece of foam to use as flooring when I really needed two!

The second page has spaces for samples of wallpaper, paint, flooring and other details to be added.

Print the pages as many times as you’d like to make a notebook the way that works for you.

dollhouse planning notebook template page
Dollhouse planning notebook template page.

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Building the notebook pages.

To put the notebook together, print the pages that you’ll need and get a three-ring binder to add the pages. I used an old zipper binder that was hanging around so that I could include some thicker items in the pockets if I wanted to.

Start by measuring the rooms in your dollhouse and creating a section for each room. You can add some blank pages or pages with pockets for loose materials if you want to do that, too.

When you have the dimensions and any notes about windows and doors added in, you can put fabric or color samples in each section to remind you what you already have on hand and what you still need to buy.

If you have inspiration photos that you’d like to include definitely put those in, too.

You could also add a section for notes, shopping lists, ideas that you’ve seen online about how to build things, etc.

dollhouse planning notebook page
Dollhouse planning notebook page.

Keep a photo of your process.

If you have a cell phone that you can keep photos on, you can take a photo of the rooms as you’re working on them. This will remind you about what the room actually looks like and how the pieces that you have in place already fit into it.

That way you’ll have a visual reminder of your progress, and if you’re like me and see things while you’re out shopping, you can check to see if it will actually work in the room. I tend to buy too many things because I overestimate the space in the room.

flamingo themed bathrooom in a dollhouse
Flamingo-themed bathroom in a dollhouse.

This photo of the flamingo bathroom will remind me that there’s not a lot more room to add more furniture, and exactly where the door is located on the back wall.

Between using the notebook with all of your design elements and a photo record of the current progress, you can keep yourself on track and organized during your dollhouse renovation.

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