How To Make Ice Cream Cone Trees

It’s easy to make trees for ice cream cones using icing and different types of sprinkles and other small edible items. You can use multiple colors or keep everything green, or use green icing and add colorful candy for decorations on the trees.

For these three different designs, I used pointed ice cream cones and regular icing, but I would use royal icing if I wanted to let them dry hard for display.

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ice cream cone trees in different colors
Three types of trees for gingerbread houses.

Materials needed:

  • Pointed ice cream cones
  • Icing
  • Sprinkles or other small candy items
  • Loaf pan
  • Spatula
materials to make the trees
Materials to make the trees.

You can use any kind of colored sprinkles depending on the color theme of the house you’re making.

I used Sweet Tooth Fairy decorations for Christmas and Halloween decorations to make two of the trees, and shredded coconut for one of them.

You can get specialty sprinkles in hobby stores around different holidays, or choose a bigger selection on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

There are also a lot of people on Etsy who make their own mixes of sprinklesOpens in a new tab., so that’s one place to get unique mixes.

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Making the gingerbread house trees.

pouring sprinkles into the loaf pan
Halloween sprinkles.

Pour some sprinkles into the loaf pan and spread them out on the bottom.

putting icing on the ice cream cone
Ice the cone.

Cover the ice cream cone with icing.

Roll the iced cone in the sprinkles
Press the sprinkles onto the icing.

Roll the ice cream cone in the sprinkles and press them onto the icing.

pouring gold sprinkles into a loaf pan
Gold sprinkles

Make trees using different colors for different holidays or color schemes.

pressing sprinkles onto the icing
Press the sprinkles onto blank spots.

If there are sections of the icing that the sprinkles didn’t stick onto, just press some on to cover the blank spots.

adding coconut to the iced cone
Coconut instead of sprinkles.

You can also use other things including coconut, crushed cookies, or small candy like Nerds to cover the trees this way.

Three styles of trees with a mini gingerbread house
Trees with a gingerbread mini house.

Use the trees in the gingerbread house landscaping, or make a forest with a bunch of them put together.

This is a good way for kids to make trees because it’s simple, and they can make them pretty quickly.

Make sure to have some damp paper towels to wipe the icing off of your hands, because you’ll definitely get some on them!


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