How To Make A 1:6 Scale Mini Amish Knot Rag Rug For A Dollhouse

I’ve made a few Amish knot rag rugs, so I decided to try to make one for my dollhouse in miniature.

It turns out that it’s not too hard, but how thick it will be is going to depend on what you use to make it In this case, I think that the one that I made would probably be better for a 1:6 scale dollhouse since it was a little thick.

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mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug
Amish know rag rug miniature with mini dollhouse furniture.

Making the t-shirt yarn for the rug.

Amish knot rag rugs are made using strips of fabric, usually quilting cotton. You can use anything for them, though. I’ve made some with knit fabrics and some with cotton fabric. You can check out my article about making a full-sized rug here: Amish Knot Rag RugOpens in a new tab.

I made this little rug using t-shirt yarn, which is made by cutting small strips of an old t-shirt and pulling it to create a stretchy yarn.

This kind of yarn is very similar to those loops that you used in the mini looms when you were a kid to make pot holders for your mother.

You can make your own t-shirt yarn yourself, or you can buy it from someone like these sellers on Etsy (click to purchase t-shirt yarn.)

You can also use other things to make this rug, and the wider the strips are to begin with, the thicker the rug is going to be at the end.

Because the t-shirt yarn that I was using was about a quarter inch wide, the rug was a little thicker when it was done, and it would be better for a 1:6 scale dollhouse.

If you want to make a smaller rug that would be good for a 1:12 scale dollhouse, you’ll need to use something that’s even thinner, like thin yarn or very, very thin seam binding.

When you make a real Amish knot rug, the strips that you use start out being about 2 in wide and then you fold them over so they’re around 1 inch.

That gives you an idea about how small the strips would need to be to make a real 1:12 or a 1:6 scale rug.

How to make an Amish Knot rag rug video tutorial.

Click to watch the video example.

This video shows me making a full size Amish knot rug. When I made the small version, I didn’t use the carrying strip, so I was only using one strip of the t-shirt yarn.

The extra carrying strip is just to give the rug some strength, but since we’re working in dollhouse scale we can avoid that in order to make it thinner.

You basically want to watch the motion of making the knot by inserting the yarn into the loop on the edge and then pulling it through the other side to knot it around itself.

That’s the basic motion, and it’s how you make the rug whether it’s large or small.

Making the dollhouse rug.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug

To start with, you’re going to use a crochet hook to make a little loop chain that you can then turn around and connect to itself to form the center of the rug. Use a piece of the yarn that’s a few feet long to start with.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug with crochet hook to start

Connect it to itself to make a little circle, and that’s going to be the base that you work off of to make the loops that extend out to form the carpet.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug

To make the actual knots, insert the crochet hook through one of the loops on the outside and grab the t-shirt yarn in the hook.

You can also use an upholstery needle for this if the yarn that you’re using is thin enough.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug

Pull the yarn up through that loop to form a loose loop on the outside edge of the carpet.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug

You want to pull the string of yarn all the way through so that you can get that loose end ready to stick back through the loop to make the knot.

As you’re working you might run out of yarn. Just attach another piece to the first one and keep working. You can change colors if you want to add an extra design element to the rug.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug

Pull the loose end through the loop that you created on the outside edge and pull it all the way through so that the loose end of the yarn goes through the the loop to make a knot.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug

This is what it’s going to look like before you tighten up the knot itself.

You don’t want to make the knot too tight or else it’s going to make the little rug pull in on itself.

Also, t-shirt yarn is stretchy, so you want to keep a very loose tension so that it doesn’t start to turn into a tight ball because you stretched it too tight.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug

Pull the loose end through to make a knot and tighten up that loop. Don’t pull it tight, keep it loose so that the rug isn’t too tight.

This is what it’s going to look like after you make a knot and it’s tied on itself.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug knotting the last loop

Keep working your way around the rug to make it bigger as you go around.

Keep the T-shirt yarn pretty loose, and it will keep it from bending and tightening up and warping the carpet.

As the carpet gets bigger, you’re going to need to do an extra loop every now and then to make the circumference larger.

This is the only really tricky part of this. If you add too many extra loops it’s going to make the outside edge sort of ruffly.

If you don’t add enough loops, it will warp upside down and not lay flat.

If you see that it looks like your carpet isn’t going to be lying flat, just undo the last few rows and start over.

It’s better to rework rows where you added too many or not enough loops then it is to end up with a warped rug that won’t lie flat. You won’t be able to iron it out, it will just end up being too full in spots and it will be wavy.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug knotting the last loop weaving the end into the back of the rug

When you’re done, take the long string of yarn and weave it through the back of the rug.

You don’t even need to tie it off in a knot because that can make it too thick, and this isn’t the kind of rug that’s going to take a lot of wear and tear.

making a mini dollhouse amish knot rag rug knotting the last loop weaving the end into the back of the rug

Weave in all the loose ends, and your rug will be finished.

The finished mini amish rag rug

Use your little carpet anywhere that you want in your doll house. You can make these as large or a small as you want, and you can add more colors if you want to make it multicolored.

This is a pretty quick craft, and as you can tell by the pictures, I was doing it while I was sitting on the couch with the cat on my lap.

Since it’s kind of a repetitive task, making these little rugs is relaxing and pretty fun. It’s not hard to make accessories for your doll house this way without a lot of fancy equipment.

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