How To Apply Peel and Stick Dollhouse Wallpaper

I got some custom peel and stick wallpaper for my dollhouse, and I decided to put it into a room and do some furniture to match.

This was pretty easy, so here’s how it worked.

how to apply peel and stick dollhouse wallpaper

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Peel and stick dollhouse wallpaper and matching fabric

Custom dollhouse wallpaper.

I designed this wallpaper and fabric combination using some old quilts that have vintage fabrics in them.

(I’ll be adding more patterns to my Spoonflower shop, and this pattern is available now in a few colors.Opens in a new tab.)

Most wallpaper patterns are larger than the same patterns would be if they’re printed on fabric, but I decoded to scale this down even more, so it’s a little bigger than the print that I have in my shop now.

trimming the floral dollhouse wallpaper

Cut the wallpaper to size.

The first step is to cut the wallpaper to fit into the room. I trimmed off the white edge and fit it into the room to see where I would need to cut it.

Unfortunately, I only ordered a sample and it was only enough for one wall, so I chose the longest wall without an uneven zig zag in it.

floral dollhouse wallpaper in the room

I pushed the wallpaper into the room and pressed it into the line of the ceiling to mark where I should cut it off.

You could also do this by sticking it to the wall and cutting it off with a utility knife, but I cut it as close as I could with scissors.

Fitting the wallpaper into the room

I trimmed off the wallpaper and fit it against the wall to make sure that it fit. There was only one spot with a little beam that needed to be notched out, and then it was ready to stick to the wall.

Attach the wallpaper to the wall.

Since this is peel and stick vinyl wallpaper, it’s a simple job to attach it to the wall.

This was the room that I had cleaned when I removed the wallpaper, so the walls were pretty smooh, but they weren’t painted.

This specific wallpaper is pretty heavy, and it was easy to handle and not thin enough to show flaws in the wall through the paper.

Depending on whether you want to have the wallpaper be more permanent, you should probably prime the walls, and you might also want to use a type of wallpaper that has an adhesive on it that will stick to the wall with a stronger glue.

The peel and stick wallpaper can be peeled off pretty easily, but it does stay where you put it, so it’s a good option if you don’t want something that’s super-permanent.

peel and stick dolhouse wallpaper

I probably didn’t do this the “right” way, but it worked fine for me.

I started at the front of the room so that the edge of the wallpaper would line up evenly with the edge of the wall, then I smoothed the wallpaper onto the wall going toward the back.

fitting the peel and stick dollhouse wallpaper

This was a teeny bit awkward, but not too bad. I kept one hand on the wallpaper on the right, and pulled the backing off of the wallpaper as I pressed it onto the wall.

fitting the peel and stick dollhouse wallpaper

Since I had cut the piece of wallpaper to fit before I started, it was pretty much a matter of making sure that I kept it even along the top and bottom as I pressed it up onto the wall going to the back of the room.

fitting the peel and stick dollhouse wallpaper

When I got to the little notch on the ceiling I pulled the backing completely off the rest of the paper, then finished pressing it onto the wall.

peel and stick dollhouse wallpaper in the room

The top edge of the room had a little gap between the top of the wallpaper and the ceiling since I had cut it unevenly.

peel and stick dollhouse wallpaper in the room with crown molding attached

That’s no problem, because I still had to reattach the molding at the top of the ceiling line, and that covered up the gap between the wallpaper and the ceiling.

scrapbook paper flooring

To finish off the room (for now) I added some scrapbooking paper that had a pleated texture.

I think that I had bought this to make some window shades, so I might do that to add to the room in the back using the leftovers.

painted chair with floral cushion and matching wallpaper

This is the room up to now…I have to put something else on the opposite walls and add some more furniture, so we’ll see what it looks like when I add more details.

floral dollhouse wallpaper

Another detail about the wallpaper.

One thing to note about the wallpaper is that when you get wallpaper on a roll, it’s meant to be applied vertically, not horizontally like the way that I did it.

Depending on the pattern, you might want to measure the room and calculate the amount of wallpaper that you’ll need based on the width of the paper, not the length.

This pattern looked fine when I put it on the walls sideways, but not all patterns will work the same way.

Think about that when you’re buying any kind of peel and stick wallpaper for your dollhouse, because you might come up short if you don’t plan for it!

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