Gingerbread House Templates to Download For Free

I’ve been making a few templates for little gingerbread houses, so I decided to go ahead and create a single page where I can add a central hub for links to the new ones as I draw them. Feel free to download them for yourself, and if you want to send photos of the finished products I’ll add them to the posts!

When printing these, make sure that the pattern is showing completely on the page and change from landscape to portrait if needed to print it correctly!

The links will take you to each page, where you’ll get the templates and some tips for making each design.

Gingerbread house templates: Free printables

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1. Small basic house template.

This is the basic shape, big enough for kids to decorate but simple to put together for the grownups.

valentines day gingerbread houses

Click to go to the template

2. Small basic style angled house with interlocking notches.

This one is really easy to put together because the notches make it really stable!

gingerbread house template with interlocking sides

Click to go to the template

3. Small square house with notches.

This one is stable, and the notches make it good for humid climates if the icing takes longer to harden up.

small gingerbread house template with notches

4. Angled gingerbread house without notches.

A basic house that has a little visual interest because of the angled walls.

basic small A-Frame style roof gingerbread house

Click to get the basic gingerbread house templates.

5. Gingerbread sleigh pattern.

This is a cute sleigh that you can put together, put candy or small gifts or decorations in, then use as a centerpiece.

gingerbread sleigh decorated with candy

Click to get the free gingerbread sleigh pattern

6. Gingerbread barn template.

This is pretty easy to assemble, and you can add doors and shutters to it, or just pipe the shapes on.

template for a gingerbread house barn

Click to get the free gingerbread barn template

7. Gingerbread Lighthouse Template.

This one is a little more complicated because of the size, but other than the hardest part will be deciding how to decorate it!

gingerbread lighthouse mockup

Click to get the free gingerbread lighthouse template.

8. Gingerbread Birdhouse Template.

Very simple and cute!

gingerbread birdhouse mockup

Click to get the free gingerbread birdhouse template.

9. Simple A-Frame Gingerbread House Template.

This one is super easy to put together because there are only 4 pieces, and they’re very stable.

simple a-frame gingerbread house

Click to get the free gingerbread a-frame house template.

10. Gingerbread Retro Camper Trailer.

The retro camper is a fun one, but most patterns require you to bake curved pieces, which is tricky. This one doesn’t!

Retro camper gingerbread template

Click to get the free gingerbread retro camper template.

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