Dollhouse Furniture Tutorial: Napkin Decoupage

This is a fun way to do quick decoupage on wood items, and I used it to cover some dollar store dollhouse furniture.

diy dollhouse furniture

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Dollhouse furniture and napkin applique

Napkin decoupage basics.

This is a simple way to add a pattern to a plain wooden piece of furniture, or to create coordinating furniture pieces.

The paper napkins are thin enough to attach securely to the furniture, but you could use scrapbooking paper or gift wrap if you wanted a thicker surface.

I made these cow-spotted furniture pieces to put into my cow spots wallpapered room.

napkin decoupage burn dollhouse furniture materials

Materials you’ll need.

I used some cow spot napkins that I found at the dollar store to match the wallpaper in this room, and some dollar store furniture.

napkin decoupage burn dollhouse furniture

Apply the Mod Podge or glue to the area of the furniture that you’re going to be covering.

If you want the color of the napkin pattern to be brighter, paint the surface with white paint first. I didn’t do that and you can see the bare wood through the napkin, but that’s okay with me.

Separate the napkin so that the printed side is on its own and isn’t attached to the other side.

napkin decoupage burn dollhouse furniture

Press the napkin onto the furniture where you put the glue. Make sure that the entire area that you want to have covered is glued down.

Let the glued section dry well and make sure it’s attached all the way around the edge.

napkin decoupage burn dollhouse furniture

Cut away the extra napkin, leaving a small edge around the final edge of the glued area if you want to fold it around the edge completely, or cut it as close to the edge as you can if you want a sharper edge.

napkin decoupage burn dollhouse furniture

I was sloppy with this little dresser and I didn’t glue the edges down completely, so there’s a part that’s not covered by the napkin. I’m going to be painting the drawers anyway so that’s not a problem.

To completely hide the edge, you can glue the napkin around the bottom edge of whatever you’re gluing it to so that the edge area isn’t as visible.

Paint the furniture.

You can do this before you do the decoupage part, but I wasn’t sure what the pieces would look like so I waited to paint them until the napkins were attached.

I debated between painting these white with black details or not, but I decided to go black with pearly white drawers for a more modern look.

The flooring in the room is white scrap wallpaper, so I wanted there to be a contrast.

painting dollhouse furniture and doing napkin decoupage

I used regular black craft paint and painted the entire thing black to start with, then I went back and painted the drawers.

painting dollhouse furniture and doing napkin decoupage

By painting them after the decoupage part, I was able to cover the edges of the napkins, too, so there was less of an edge.

painting dollhouse furniture and doing napkin decoupage

I stayed in the edges as much as I could, but of course there were some places that I smudged, so I went back and touched those areas up.

painting dollhouse furniture and doing napkin decoupage

Dollhouse furniture and napkin applique

The finished pieces are cute, and it was really easy to do.

I might go back and paint the knobs on the drawers a different color, but I’ll wait until I put more things in the room to see if that would be a good idea or if it’s better to just leave them as-is.

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