Dollhouse Exterior Color Ideas With Colored Examples

Deciding what colors to paint the outside of your dollhouse is part of the fun or renovating one.

Depending on whether you go with traditional colors, whimsical or playful colors, or something really wild, you’ll set the tone for the house overall.

Here are some ideas for color combinations that can give you a starting point for an old dollhouse remodel, and I’ll be adding more as time goes on, so check back in!

dollhouse exterior color ideas

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How to choose dollhouse exterior colors.

What mood do you want to set?

When you’re deciding on a paint color scheme for your dollhouse, you’ll need to choose a couple of main colors for the roof and the exterior walls or dollhouse shingles, then add window and door trim colors, plus color for the door and porch, if there is one.

Unless you want to do a “crazy” color combination, which would basically be anything that people don’t expect to see on the outside of a house, you’ll probably choose a neutral or muted color for the main house siding or shingle color.

Clearly there’s nothing wrong with choosing something unusual, you can do whatever you want as far as colors go.

And think of the “crazy” houses you see every now and then when you’re driving around, you know the ones.

A house that’s bright yellow with bright red shutters and a purple front door stands out and is (in my opinion) a fun addition to a neighborhood full of white houses with black shutters.

You just need to decide what mood you want to set, and how playful you want to be with your dollhouse exterior.

Check real house exterior combinations.

You can go to websites like Sherwin-Williams.comOpens in a new tab. to get ideas about real house exterior paint colors and see what they look like in real life.

There are also sites that have photos of traditionally painted houses that you can find by searching for things like “colonial house exterior colors.”

And if you go to Etsy and search for paint color combination samplesOpens in a new tab. you’ll find people who have put together swatches of different paint colors that look good together.

You can also look around your own neighborhood to find houses that have interesting color combinations.

Pay attention to things like whether houses that you like have bricks or siding, or whether the roof is a specific color.

When you look around you’ll start noticing things about houses that you’ve passed a hundred times that you’ve never seen before, and it will give you ideas for your dollhouse theme.

Look at other dollhouses.

Google photos of vintage dollhouses, or ones with more modern color combinations to get ideas.

If you’re thinking about a specific color, do a search for that color to see what combinations come up.

For example, if you’re considering pink, search for pink dollhouses and see what comes up.

If you want the exterior to coordinate with the interior, you can also look at paint and wallpaper combinations, but there’s no reason why the outside of the dollhouse has to match the interior decor.

Unless you’re doing a completely themes house, you can mix and match styles and themes.

Therre’s no law against painting the outside dollhouse with a Victorian color scheme and having a mid-century modern theme on the inside or even no theme at all!

Sample color schemes for dollhouse exteriors.

For these examples I’ve taken a photo of my dollhouse and put it into Photoshop to create different color combinations.

Blue dollhouse exterior.

light blue and grey dollhouse exterior

This version has light blue siding with a dark grey roof and front door, light grey porch, and white shutters.

Red roof and blue shutters.

red white and blue dollhouse exterior colors

This version has a red roof, porch, and front door, white siding, and blue shutters.

Blue roof and shutters.

light blue dollhouse exterior

This one has light grey siding with a darker grey front door, light blue shutters and a blue roof.

Green roof and black shutters.

teal and black dollhouse exterior

This one has a white exterior with green roof and a teal front door. The shutters and trim are black.

Yellow and green.

yellow and green dollhouse exterior colors

This is a green roof, dark yellow and tan shutters combination.

Classic yellow and black shutters.

yellow and black dollhouse exterior colors

This one has a light grey roof, yellow siding, and black shutters, with white porch trim.

Red with black shutters.

red and black dollhouse exterior

This is a red and black combination, with grey and white accents.

Purple roof and blue siding.

purple dollhouse exterior colors

This version is purple and a lighter blue-violet on the siding.

Pink roof and shutters.

pink dollhouse exterior colors

I had to make a pink one! This one has brighter pink colors on the roof and shutters.

Pretty pink and grey.

pink and grey dollhouse exterior

This one is also pink, but the lighter color and grey roof makes it more realistic!

Pink and green.

pink and green dollhouse exterior

This lighter pink color pairs with a seafoam green roof and front door, and off-white shutters.

Green with yellow shutters.

green and tan dollhouse exterior colors

The colors on this one remind me of the houses in my old neighborhood. Green siding with yellow shutters and a grey roof.

Green with red roof.

green and red dollhouse exterior

This one is a darker green and the red roof is set off by the beigey-yellow shutters.

Dark pink and grey.

dark pink and grey dollhouse exterior

This darker pink siding pairs with white shutters and a darker grey roof.

Tan and brown.

brown and white dollhouse exterior colors

This one is a classic, shades of brown and white shutters and trim.

Pale blue with a blue roof.

blue roof dollhouse exterior

This one has a very light blue for the siding, and a darker blue on the roof. The shutters are dark grey and the porch is beige.

Blue shutters with a two-tone front.

blue and white dollhouse exterior

This one is grey and white on the exterior, with blue shutters and door trim, and a brown roof.

Classic sand and grey.

beige and red door dollhouse exterior

This beige house with a darker beige roof has white shutters and a red door.

Don’t be afraid to combine different colors in the trim and on the exterior of your dollhouse.

Since painting a dollhouse isn’t a major operation, you can change the color as much as you want to, and try out combinations to see how they look.

Experiment and have fun with it!

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