I used to make custom wedding cakes, and I’ve always made gingerbread houses every year as a family Christmas activity. I still sell cake decorating supplies on my website at acaketoremember.comOpens in a new tab., but this blog is just for fun!

Gingerbread house
One of my gingerbread houses.

I started this blog for fun and to have a project that wasn’t work-related. I want to add a lot of free templates for gingerbread houses and make some weird ones, too. My gingerbread designs tend to be on the strange side, but there’s always a humorous twist to them! I’m not too concerned with making things “neat and clean,” I want them to be fun.

I’ve won gingerbread house decorating contests but I don’t like contests very much…I think people should make their houses as crazy as you want to and have as much fun doing it as you can!

Dollhouse being remodeled
Dollhouse remodel project

I’m redoing a dollhouse (slowly) and I’ll be adding articles that show what happens with that. I don’t know much about that, so I’m a beginner and I hope to give people a look at my learning process.

I also have a youtube channel where I post occasional videos showing projects at: Decorate SmallOpens in a new tab.